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Leasing of passenger cars

Car leasing is a convenient way to renew and replenish the car fleet, to purchase a car for company managers and employees.

Leasing of trucks

Truck leasing provides an opportunity to operate vehicles with a minimum initial investment and save funds for business development.

Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing is one of the most cost-effective ways to renew and build up fixed assets of an enterprise.

Real estate leasing

Real estate leasing is a form of leasing that makes it possible to pay lease payments commensurate with the cost of the lease. At the end of the lease term, ownership is transferred to the Lessee.

Leasing in minsk from a good company

Foreign economic leasing company - fast, simple, reliable!

Foreign Economic Leasing Company LLC, the official website of which anyone can visit, belongs to modern universal leasing companies capable of serving clients of both small and medium-sized businesses.

The advantages of our organization

Since 2010, leasing in Belarus for legal entities has become more affordable, including leasing for individual entrepreneurs. Our company operates throughout the entire country, which brings additional convenience for each client, regardless of his place of registration and stay. Our staff includes only qualified specialists who are able to promptly come to the aid in resolving issues. Buy on lease in Belarus, start developing your business, purchase the necessary equipment - a foreign economic leasing company focuses on the needs of customers, trying to make leasing not only as affordable as possible, but also profitable from an economic point of view.

Clients choose our leasing for legal entities in Minsk for a number of good reasons:

Reliability. The reputation of our company has never been questioned or overshadowed by poor quality work;
Efficiency. All applications are considered within 2 days, after which the specialist contacts the client to clarify the information;
Convenience. In our organization, the minimum requirements for the documents provided, which significantly reduces paperwork;
Transparency. The amounts of all payments are negotiated with clients and written in the contract. Hidden payments, "pitfalls", lines in small print: all this is not about us!

We provide an opportunity to buy on lease in Belarus:

Cars. For entrepreneurs, this is a convenient opportunity to renew and replenish their own taxi fleet or purchase official vehicles for the company's employees;
Trucks. Such an investment allows you to significantly save the company's budget and start operating a truck without significant investment;
Equipment. Equipment leasing allows you to increase production capacity, while retaining material resources for business development;
Real estate. In this case, the lease payments are comparable to the monthly rent, and there is no need to worry about the safety of the "rental space".
Commercial transport.
Cars with mileage.
Special equipment.
Equipment for the production.
Medical equipment.
Construction equipment.
Agricultural machinery.

Modern businessmen do not need to explain the advantages of leasing, because the expansion and scaling of a business of any level will make it possible to get big profits, become a leader in their field, and create new jobs. On the website of our company, you can study the basic terms of leasing in order to make a preliminary decision whether to conclude a contract.

Our specialists take into account the peculiarities of leasing for legal entities in accordance with the latest changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. This will allow you to choose the most optimal conditions when registering a lease.

We work throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus, businessmen from remote areas do not need to visit the office of our company several times, they only need to bring and submit all the documents. If a positive decision is made, the second visit to the office takes place when at the stage of signing the contracts.

On the remaining questions, our managers are ready to advise you on the contact phone numbers indicated on the site. If it is inconvenient to call, write to the e-mail address. They will definitely answer you, tell you more about working with us.

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