About Leasing

Concept of leasing

Leasing (financial lease) is a type of financial services, activities related to the acquisition by the Lessor for its own or borrowed funds of the leased asset into its ownership and its transfer to the Lessee for a period and for a fee into temporary possession and use with or without the right of redemption.

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Recently, the demand for such a service as leasing has increased significantly in our country. More and more often, entrepreneurs of various levels decide to arrange leasing, which allows them to rent this or that equipment on a long-term basis. Subsequently, quick leasing allows you to redeem this equipment and completely dispose of it at your own discretion.

Just about complicated

In order to understand how Leasing works in Minsk and Belarus, opening up new opportunities for legal entities, it is enough to consider a simple example: A company rents a car (for example, an excavator) for a period of 2 years, and subsequently receives the right to buy the equipment at its residual value.

Who is this type of lease suitable for?

Leasing, made in Belarusian rubles, is beneficial for all categories of legal entities whose activities are closely related to the operation of machinery and equipment. For example, leasing is a real boon for small businesses. The advantages of the method over the alternative purchase on credit are obvious: if necessary, the transaction can be easily and legally terminated. If, for example, equipment is leased, and then it turns out that it is no longer needed, legal entities have the right to return the machines taken for temporary use.

If the machines were borrowed on credit, then their full cost would have to be paid. That is why leasing, as an excellent way to efficiently spend financial resources, remains profitable and in demand for legal entities in Minsk.

As a rule, leasing in Belarus is chosen by those entrepreneurs who enter new for them markets. In addition, leasing for used equipment is in high demand, which for legal entities under certain conditions is a real find.

What can you take

Leasing of used machinery and equipment for legal entities is documented, with the signing of the relevant documents. In this case, the subject of a lease agreement for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can be:

special equipment;
various types of equipment;
real estate.

Leasing is much more profitable than credit. This method of borrowing is actively used by various categories of entrepreneurs. Leasing allows you to buy expensive machinery and equipment, which would be too expensive in the usual way of buying.

We make the right decision

Leasing for small businesses is a real salvation. The main thing is to know who to turn to in order to draw up the appropriate agreement. Our Foreign Economic Leasing Company has created ideal conditions for the provision of leasing services to legal entities of different categories. All information about the leasing service is presented on the official website of the company, and the details can be clarified with the managers!

Advantages of leasing over a credit

The question of "leasing or credit" sooner or later comes up before every business entity that plans to expand its own business.

Leasing – today this financial instrument is in many ways more preferable than credit financing:

The lease payment is charged to the cost of production, which allows you to optimize taxation

The property is reflected on the balance sheet of the Lessor or the Lessee; accelerated depreciation is charged

The possibility of creating an individual schedule, taking into account the wishes of the client and the specifics of his business. The possibility of changing the schedule if necessary during the term of the contract.

Leasing payments are included in the cost of production and reduce the tax base and stimulate the development of production

When concluding a lease agreement no additional collateral is required

The leasing company undertakes the entire procedure for concluding contracts and negotiating with the supplier of the leased asset, which saves time and labor for the Lessee, who only selects the supplier

Consideration of an application for concluding a lease agreement takes much less time than consideration of a similar application for a credit

The leasing company assigns an individual consultant to the Lessee, provides prompt information on legal, accounting and other issues, assists in the collection and preparation of a package of documents